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Page 1:

Bangaihen / Awakening of the black dream

Page 3:

Did we do it…!? Still… we’re glad it wasn’t the Ten Commandments…!!


…we were really lucky!!

You certainly were lucky.

Page 4:

Because you’re getting to be killed by me.


Page 5:

How dare…



Page 6:


We the two divine lance corporals were…

No matter your numbers, I will slaughter the likes of you.

More importantly, you said something that piqued my curiosity.

“We’re glad it wasn’t the Ten Commandments?”

Page 7:

I’m Bellion and I will definitely be the number one in the Ten Commandments someday…


Burn my name in your soul and perish…

Don’t think… you can just waltz into… the Celestial realm… and come out… unscathed…

We have… them on our side…


Ah… gwah.

Lady Supreme Deity… Lords the Four… Archangels… hah.

Please… guide… my… soul.

Rubble that are only good for praying to the strong people…!!

Page 8:

I pray to no one.

I will rise to the level of the Ten Commandments with my own strength!!!


The Goddesses came in a flock again, huh. They never learn…

Hmph… Is something the matter? Anyone that wants to die by my hands come attack me.

Page 9:

So it was you, the mere soldier of filth who treaded into the Sky Temple and killed its people and divine soldiers…

I suppose that all came from your visit of several hundreds Sky Temples though it may all have been pure coincidence…

You call me a mere soldier?

Who are you?

Outside: What’s it? The monster-like magic power is…

Page 10:

I’m Mael of the Four Archangels…

The one who purges evil in the Supreme Deity’s place.

Page 11:

“Corroding blade!!!”




Save your foolish remark for when you’re in hell.

Page 12:


Page 13:

He… he blew my darkness away…

In just one move!?


What’s… this light and heat…? It’s as though… the sun itself is right here…!!!



Page 14:

To be frank, I don’t like battling.

The sound of the flesh bursting, the stench of death, the moans of anguish and outcries of sadness all only bring great pain to me.

However, killing a Demon is a different story.

Since that’s the duty and pride of the Four archangels, and also my brother’s wish…

Come on, you shouldn’t need to put up a futile resistance… everything’ll be all right, you don’t need to be afraid.

I’ll at least pray that you’ll someday reincarnate into a good soul…

Page 15:

Don’t you dare look down on me!!!!

…you can’t be kidding me, can you? I’m gonna die right here…?

Even though I will become one of the Ten Commandments

Page 16:




Page 16:

A cluster of darknes that doesn’t shrink to even my Sun… …just who are you?

My whole body can’t stop… trembling. …I can’t.

…the darkness’s way stronger than mine beyond any doubt…

*Chatter chatter*

Impossible… he’s

Outside: the son of the Demon King.

Page 17:

The leader of the Ten Commandments


Page 18:


he’s the suitor for becoming the next Demon King.

…in this case, if I can win his favors, then…

Lord Meliodas!!! We need to combine our strengths to fight Mael tog…

Get lost, you’re but a hindrance to me.


Did he just call me… a hindrance!?

Page 19:

Without so much as giving me a glance,

he singlehandedly made one of the Archangels retreat.

Page 20:

What’s up, Bellion?

You were deep in your thoughts? How very like you.

Shut up, Pump.

Did you get your job finished?

Page 21:

Even if I did, all these boring fights are just failures upon failures.

*Tch tch*

If we exclude Stigma and the Four Archangels, bunches of small fries aren’t our enemies.

Say, Bellion, we’ve secured our entry in the Ten Commandments with this, right?

But we’re six people, aren’t we? Either they’ve gotten six vacant positions ready for us or…

Oh, right! Better yet, how about we cull the six Commandments out?

I don’t care.


I’m no longer interested in the Ten Commandments.

Well then, what do you want to do?

Page 22:

He shattered my pride into pieces…

I was nothing but a weakling at that moment…

That’s why I’m yearning

for his exceedingly overwhelming strength!!

More importantly… I wonder what scenery he sees in his eyes that wouldn’t turn to give me a single glance?

Page 23:

I’ll check that out myself.

I want the power for that!!

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